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We have the following items available for rent. Click the thumbnail for a larger image. Download the contract on the How it Works link to reserve.


Dentsply Cavitron SPS Scalers just as pictured here.

Slow Speed Prophy Handpiece

4 hole universal polishing handpiece


Cost: $49.99 (includes shipping)

Dentsply 30K FSI-SLI-10S-FS


Cost: $28.99 (includes shipping)

Dentsply 30K FSI-SLI-10R-91 & FSI-SLI-10L-91 (R & L)


Cost: $49.99 (includes shipping)

Dentsply 30K FSI-100-AY


Cost: $25.99 (includes shipping)

Dentsply 30K SLI 10S


Cost: $21.99 (includes shipping)

Hu-Friedy UI30SD10


Cost: $28.99 (includes shipping)

Hu-Friedy UI30SS10


Cost: $28.99 (includes shipping)

Hu-Friedy UI30SD1000


Cost: $28.99 (includes shipping)

Hu-Friedy UI30SDL & UI30SDR (R & L)


Cost: $49.99 (includes shipping)

To reserve your unit, or check on availability, please email

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This was a life saver while taking my hygiene board exam!
- Terri Bohannan, RDH
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